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Success Story #001

How Matthew went from 13 to 11 seconds in the 100m



Success Story #002

How Ayman went from 11.54 to 10.9 in the 100m in 17 months.



Success Story #003

How Chris transformed his speed and scored his first touchdown.



Success Story #004

How James transformed his technique at 64 years old, in 1 session.



Success Story #005

How Lexi dropped 1 sec from her sprint in 12 weeks.



Success Story #006

How Albab increased his Stride frequency in four weeks.



Success Story #007

How  Keenan  fixed his knee pain and broke five seconds in the 40-yard dash. 



Success Story #008

How Geoff won three gold medals in one day.



Success Story #009

How Cyrus went from a 14 to 12.98 in the 100m.



Success Story #010

How "Y" achieved 24 miles per hour and ran at nationals.

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Case Study


1. Pushing out with a curved posture that kills power.

2. Foot excessively high on the first step, which kills speed.


1. Pushing out with a powerful straight line.

2. Super fast recovery by keeping the feet low on the first steps.

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Some More Results... 

Raphael broke 5 seconds in his 40 yd dash and now runs 4.78.  

Ayman went from 11.54 to 10.9 in the 100m. 

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Lexi dropped 1 second from her sprint in 12 weeks.

Video Poster Image

Keenan fixed his knee pain and improved his 40 yard dash in 12 weeks.

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Chris transformed his speed and scored his first touchdown ever.

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