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If you don't see results in 30 days I will personally pay our Olympic Coach to work with you for 30 days FREE. 

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Everything That's Inside 🏆

10 Workout Programs

 Speed programs for track and non-track athletes. Includes strength training and plyometrics. We teach you how to adjust the programs to fit your unique situation.


Normal Price: $500 ($50 each)

Olympic Speed Coach

2X Olympian Wyndell Dickinson has 30+ years of experience coaching athletes to break World Records and make Olympic teams. He is the official speed coach of the Sprint Club. You can speak with him during our weekly coaching calls.


Normal Price: $750 - $2,000+

Technique Analysis

Submit your video to get your technique reviewed 4x per month.


Normal Price: $100 per month

Weekly Coaching Calls

Join us every single week to speak with Cesar and our Olympic sprint coach Wyndell Dickinson.


Normal Price: $150 per month

Pure Speed

Course #1

The 8 Laws of Speed. If you break any of these it will be impossible to reach your true potential.


Normal Price: $150

Speed Bounce

Course #2

Become a bouncy freak to shorten your ground contact times and improve top speed.


Normal Price: $150

Speed Strength

Course #3

Learn the science behind how to strength train for speed so that the gym doesn't make you sluggish but instead transforms you into a machine.


Normal Price: $200

Speed Secrets

Course #4

Learn how to develop the "figure 4", creating "negative foot speed", and insight from private conversations with elite coaches.


Normal Price: $150

Speed Programming

Course #5

Learn how to create speed programs for yourself, for your athletes, and or for your kids.


Normal Price: $190

Speed Rehab

Course #6

Learn how to recover from injuries and get back on the field faster.


Normal Price: $150

Game Speed

Course #7

Learn the critical details to becoming the fastest player on the team.


Normal Price: $150

Peak Nutrition

Course #8

Learn what superfoods to eat, and which supplements actually work based on science.


Normal Price: $100

Speed Scholar

Course #9

Learn how to get college coaches to fight for you and offer you a scholarship.


Normal Price: $200

Sprint Clinic

Course #10

Learn the scientific tests that we use to discover an athlete's strengths and weak points.


Normal Price: $150

Sprint Club Manager

We have a dedicated manager who can help you with anything you need non-speed related such as using our app, accessing programs, and managing your account.

Sprint Club Advisor

We have a speed expert to help you 7 days a week whenever you have a speed relation question inside of our group chat.

Who's Inside? 🗺️

You don't have to be an expert or super fast athlete, we welcome everyone who wants to improve.

Newbies Brand New To Speed Training
Highschool Boys
Highschool Girls
D1 Track Athletes
60-Year Old Masters Athletes
Coaches With Large Teams
Dads Training Their 7 Year Olds 
Professional Football Players

These are only a few categories 

of the 700+ members we have inside.

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"PB from 12.10 to 11.53 in 1 month."

Finally making that team 😁

"Cesar I made the team I was trying out for"

Loving ❤️ the functionality & content

"Just want to say Cesar this is an amazing platform. Thank you for bringing this to the masses. I've subscribed to other fitness apps and this has top tier functionality and content. Props and thanks ✌️"

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Recently, we had a challenge for members and prizes included a brand new iPhone, 9 XERO barefoot shoes, 9 massage guns, and 9 Sprint Club exclusive T-shirts.


100% RISK-FREE Olympic Guarantee

If you don't see results in 30 days I will personally pay our Olympic Coach to work with you for 30 days FREE.